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NOV 10

This month is flying by. Maybe it's just this time of year, but it seems to be going faster than normal. Despite living with a two year old, our month has been pretty quiet thus far. We are gearing up for a fun second half of November with a Vikings game, a weekend in MN, a trip to Chicago, Thanksgiving, and our seven year anniversary.

Olle man is FOUR months today. He is such a smile-r and loves attention from anyone that will give it to him. He has been especially keen on attention from Lucy and saves his biggest chuckles and smiles for when she plays peek-a-boo, or jumps up and down.
Lucy girl has turned a corner and is VERY two. She's been in time-outs quite a bit over the last few days and has a good dose of sass in her. She is also hilarious and says the funniest things. She is really into pretend lately and I'll catch her having conversations between her "barbie-q's" (barbies) or the dollhouse figures. She affectionately names all things mommy and lucy if there is a big and little of anything... animals in stories, pumpkins, crayons... She is also very into labeling. "I'm Lucy, that's mommy, that's Olle... you have 2 eyes? you have a mouth? You have glasses? I have glasses?" It is pretty amazing how smart and observant she is, and she totally has Sten's memory, which has been evident for a long time. She is completely, overboard obsessed with Sofia the First. Not exactly sure what to do about that, but for the time being I am just going to enjoy the fact that she will sit and watch something while I get things done, or feed Olle.

The weather has been fantastic, and I can't help but feel totally spoiled getting to enjoy sunshine and above average temps during one of my favorite months.

Can't believe Christmas is coming and soon we'll get to experience all the wonder and joy of Christmas with 2 kids!

xo, erica