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Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas! I've decided to do a year-in-review a little early, since we're heading to warm weather at the start of the New Year.

We had a wonderful 2015, with the biggest blessing being our little baby Olle boy. Here are some other highlights:

 1. We kicked off the year with a family trip to The Dells, where Lucy stole the show in this teeny bikini.  2. We're praising God for Lucy's continued progress with her eye. Every appointment this year has been positive and we know that is because of God's provision.
 3. At 31 weeks I ran a half marathon. It was a fun run, and I am thankful for strong legs and that I was able to finish all 13.1 miles
 4. At the beginning of July we spent a day in Stillwater. We celebrated our last weekend as a family of 3, and had the best time giving Lucy all the love and attention she could handle.
 5. Sleepiest/best/most handsome Olle Roger entering our lives on July 10…

carlson street tacos.

This has become a favorite dinner in our house. The flavors are outstanding, its quick and easy and it makes me excited for our trip to Mexico in January.... 3 pretty great reasons to make it tonight!

Carlson Street Tacos.

10 oz. can of chicken in water
1/3 C. Pioneer Woman Chipotle Salsa- link HERE
6 corn tortillas
onion, peppers, cilantro, cumin, s + p, lime juice

heat salsa over low heat, add the chicken until warm.
heat the tortillas in a  skillet until warm
assemble tacos

serve with black beans and rice.

November was a blurrrrr and December is going by so fast. I am loving these warmer than usual temps and all the fun things we've participated in: gingerbread house making, cookie bake, christmas tea, special time with family, our tree and our house all re-arranged. I just LOVEEEE this time of year!

 jammie time at grandma and grandpas  the Vikings game!  Erik and Olle!  Lucy and Luke
 decorating gingerbread houses with friends! "It's Aaamazing!"
Lucy has…

Olle Man, 5 months

I am so in love with Olle Man. He has been such a joyful addition to our lives. I love his little jammie-bod and the way he giggles at nothing. I love the way he snuggles into his blanket and how he is constantly straining his neck to see where/what his sissy is doing.

I can't wait to see what this next month holds for our little guy as he continues to explore his surroundings.

His stats: He's 16 pounds and 26 inches. The perfect size for the greatest snuggles.

Our lives feel complete with Olle as part of our family.



Gosh, can't believe it's been seven years since Sten and I tied the knot. This time of year always makes me nostalgic and I love thinking back to each anniversary. Where we went, what we ate, what we talked about. This year was my favorite yet. We splurged big time and got a hotel downtown Chicago. I called the day before we were going and asked if there was any way we could do something to surprise my husband since it was our anniversary-- when we checked in at the front desk they had bumped us up to a King Suite! We went for HH at Eataly and I just LOVED walking around looking at everything Italian and smelling delicious smells and drinking delicious wine.
We went back to our hotel, then set out for a loooong walk around the city before dinner. We talked and walked, blocks that we knew and loved and the evening just felt magical with lights glimmering and the hustle and bustle of Christmas season. We had a great dinner at Cantina Laredo, talking about nothing and everything …