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These days

Beauty Queen.  Loves to "have a taste"  baking with ash, always a joy!  reading books under the table. and playing "camping" in our indoor tent.

Cold days here in 'sconi have made for lots of time indoors. I get a little stir crazy thinking about being at home all day, but at the same time I love the routine of naps for the kids and getting stuff done around the house.
Lucy is at SUCH a fun age, the things that come out of her mouth have me laughing all the time. As she sat on the potty this morning she asked: "Should you give some privacy?" I love the way she talks and the way she inserts "well, actually...." or "yes, but..." or "that's a good idea!" or just saying you instead of your, "mommy, here's YOU coffee!" "Olle-bear, don't eat YOU shirt for breakfast!" I hope I never forget her cadence and the way her little voice sounds.
We had some friends over this week and I made my favorite …


Home now, and I realized I didn't add the last day and half of our trip. As I think back on it, I just want so badly to be back on the island soaking up the sun and being with my family. But all good things come to an end, and so now I'm sitting at home all bundled up dreaming about the island :) We went back to the beach on our final day and had a blast playing in the waves and making roads in the sand.  The beach knocked this little guy out and he couldn't have looked cuter!! Cheeks! Sissy and I stayed downtown to do some shopping. It's always a treat hanging with this girl.  The weather SERIOUSLY shifted and the wind was nuts! The pool was soooooo much warmer than the outside air temperature so the two little fisher girls went skinny dipping. Looking back now, they were the last ones to swim in that pool! Smart girls.  Selfie with gpa! That night we had dinner at bar Lito and the food was the best we had all week. Amazing! Kids stayed occupied with Paw Patrol after we ate :…


Woke up to a wiiiindy morning but had already set my mind on starting my marathon training today, so despite the 15 mph winds I went for my 8 miler. The first few miles were amazing- but those last windy miles were a little rough... I enjoyed every minute out there running along the Caribbean. That will be my warmest run during this training period so I tried to really soak it up!!Today was my favorite day yet. We ernt shell hunting and had so much fun in the pool. All the kids napped at the same time for almost 3 hours so we had lots of awesome adult time :) These kids and their "shobels and buckets"!!! Took me forever to snap a pic before the water washed it away! We got some grilled chicken from a local stand and it was to die for! Add some guacamole and a Sten shaken margarita and I'd say it's the best lunch I've ever had!  After naps we did some indoor activities. All four of these kids love reading and that makes for some great couch snuggles.  We ended the day …


Today was a great day in the pool. We never left casa de Jaguar until dinner time. We ventured to the north end and had an early dinner at Amigos, then went out for gelato before returning back home for a late night dip in the pool. I love this place and I don't want to leave!!!!!!! Finally fell asleep for a nap.  Love these three And of course, this guy too! Uncle Mikey!! Gelato with grandma and grandpa!! The best!  Only two full days left!!  Xo, erica


I didn't have my phone with me much today- which makes me sad because we had a really awesome day. I started off the day watching the sunrise with Olle and ended the day watching the sunset at dinner with 2 pretty crabby children- but it doesn't even matter because one of my mottos for the week is: ... Having a crabby kid/ sick kid/ cloudy day/ you name it, in Mexico, is better than having any of those things back home where it is cold and snowy! Making memories with family has just been a real gift. I get emotional thinking about it!  Here are some pics of the day:  Sunrise with my coffee.  Morning snuggles from Amos! Soooooo much sand fun at the beach.  This guy never stopped smiling.  These two curled up watching mickeymouse. So cute. 
Xo. Goodnight Mexico


The best day. The weather was perfect and we packed so much in. We are having a blast and really getting into island life. :) Sunrise this morning  View from my run  Pool morning!  Pool boy  This girl just gets in and out alllll day. She climbs out does a down dog and then pops one leg up and says: graaaaaand ja'te!  Lunch poolside.  Loving all the extra time with dad! After "naps" we headed to the beach! Digging. Digging. Digging! Dinner on the beach. This girl cracks me up! Our dinner view.  I loooooooove this boy! And these girls love grandma. 
Xo from Mexico.