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Home now, and I realized I didn't add the last day and half of our trip. As I think back on it, I just want so badly to be back on the island soaking up the sun and being with my family. But all good things come to an end, and so now I'm sitting at home all bundled up dreaming about the island :)
We went back to the beach on our final day and had a blast playing in the waves and making roads in the sand. 
The beach knocked this little guy out and he couldn't have looked cuter!!
Sissy and I stayed downtown to do some shopping. It's always a treat hanging with this girl. 
The weather SERIOUSLY shifted and the wind was nuts! The pool was soooooo much warmer than the outside air temperature so the two little fisher girls went skinny dipping. Looking back now, they were the last ones to swim in that pool! Smart girls. 
Selfie with gpa!
That night we had dinner at bar Lito and the food was the best we had all week. Amazing!
Kids stayed occupied with Paw Patrol after we ate :)
The day we left was raining and cold and the kids were crazy as we packed everything up. It was so hard to say goodbye to the island!!
My people. 
And this is what our long day of airport, ferry, taxi, shuttle, customs looked like at its best..... Ha!
"Bye Mexico!"

That week flew by. Until next time isla. I love you!
Xo, erica


  1. I just caught up with all of your Mexico posts, and it looks like an incredible vacation!! Your words are always so positive, and the photos of your family are always beautiful :)


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