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I didn't have my phone with me much today- which makes me sad because we had a really awesome day. 
I started off the day watching the sunrise with Olle and ended the day watching the sunset at dinner with 2 pretty crabby children- but it doesn't even matter because one of my mottos for the week is: ... Having a crabby kid/ sick kid/ cloudy day/ you name it, in Mexico, is better than having any of those things back home where it is cold and snowy!
Making memories with family has just been a real gift. I get emotional thinking about it! 
Here are some pics of the day:
 Sunrise with my coffee. 
Morning snuggles from Amos!
Soooooo much sand fun at the beach. 
This guy never stopped smiling. 
These two curled up watching mickeymouse. So cute. 

Xo. Goodnight Mexico