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Woke up to a wiiiindy morning but had already set my mind on starting my marathon training today, so despite the 15 mph winds I went for my 8 miler. The first few miles were amazing- but those last windy miles were a little rough... I enjoyed every minute out there running along the Caribbean. That will be my warmest run during this training period so I tried to really soak it up!!
Today was my favorite day yet. We ernt shell hunting and had so much fun in the pool. All the kids napped at the same time for almost 3 hours so we had lots of awesome adult time :)
These kids and their "shobels and buckets"!!!
Took me forever to snap a pic before the water washed it away!
We got some grilled chicken from a local stand and it was to die for! Add some guacamole and a Sten shaken margarita and I'd say it's the best lunch I've ever had! 
After naps we did some indoor activities. All four of these kids love reading and that makes for some great couch snuggles. 
We ended the day with tacos from another local spot and a game of scum- in which I was president and vice for the majority of the game. :)
Seriously. Couldn't have been a better day.