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These days

 Beauty Queen.
 Loves to "have a taste"
 baking with ash, always a joy!
 reading books under the table. and playing "camping" in our indoor tent.

Cold days here in 'sconi have made for lots of time indoors. I get a little stir crazy thinking about being at home all day, but at the same time I love the routine of naps for the kids and getting stuff done around the house.
Lucy is at SUCH a fun age, the things that come out of her mouth have me laughing all the time. As she sat on the potty this morning she asked: "Should you give some privacy?" I love the way she talks and the way she inserts "well, actually...." or "yes, but..." or "that's a good idea!" or just saying you instead of your, "mommy, here's YOU coffee!" "Olle-bear, don't eat YOU shirt for breakfast!" I hope I never forget her cadence and the way her little voice sounds.
We had some friends over this week and I made my favorite Pumpkin Bread recipe. Here's the link. It makes two loaves, which is always awesome and equally as a deadly. :)

Olle man is 6 MONTHS old... 1/2 a year?!?! That sure went fast. He's super strong and can sit, hold himself up in push up position for longer than I can and is so close to crawling. He's happy, and giggles, and loves having his tummy tickled. I didn't know he was going to bring our family this much joy, but he really makes every day a lot more fun.

XO, erica