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An update

I've been reminded from numerous people that I haven't updated my bloggy blog for a while. I feel as though this is one of my hardest stages of life right now. Lucy is a very busy and needy 2 year old and when Olle is awake he needs to be watched like a hawk because his little inch worm crawl is FAST. I feel tugged and pulled and stretched and I know I am not the first mom to feel like this, but I feel very out of control.... each day I have to remind myself that all this will be over soon and then I'll be crying in a corner wishing my kids were still babies.
Olle is 7.5 months and is seriously the cutest baby in the world. He's full of smiles, loves to be around people, and is very laid back. He's getting around, sitting, bouncing any chance he can get and just generally, loving life. He weighs 18 lbs and I can't remember how long he is... :(
Lucy is very 2. She's a whirlwind. This girl is BUSY. She literally never stops moving/talking/negotiating/…