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Goodbye 20's.

I turned 30 last month. It's a huge mix of so many emotions for me. Anytime a Birthday comes around, I get excited to make goals and think about what I can change/make better/ get rid of in the coming year. BUT to turn 30, means I get to set the course for what could change in the next decade.  If you don't make a plan, there is nothing to strive for, to reach for. Life's been a little busy, and I still haven't made all my decade goals, but I love the thought of what this next 10 years of adventure will bring.
My friends threw me a surprise party for my birthday and while on a run the following Sunday afternoon I just got the biggest smile thinking about how special that was. How loved I feel by many, and how my 20's really shaped who I am today. I decided to take a look back and try to remember some of my favorite memories in my 20s.

COLLEGE: My senior year, especially, will always be one of my favorite years of my life. I lived with the BEST friends, was head ove…