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Goodbye 20's.

I turned 30 last month. It's a huge mix of so many emotions for me. Anytime a Birthday comes around, I get excited to make goals and think about what I can change/make better/ get rid of in the coming year. BUT to turn 30, means I get to set the course for what could change in the next decade.  If you don't make a plan, there is nothing to strive for, to reach for. Life's been a little busy, and I still haven't made all my decade goals, but I love the thought of what this next 10 years of adventure will bring.
My friends threw me a surprise party for my birthday and while on a run the following Sunday afternoon I just got the biggest smile thinking about how special that was. How loved I feel by many, and how my 20's really shaped who I am today. I decided to take a look back and try to remember some of my favorite memories in my 20s.

COLLEGE: My senior year, especially, will always be one of my favorite years of my life. I lived with the BEST friends, was head over heels for Sten, loved Chicago and felt like I had a super bright future.
This was our last night in our senior apartment. Everything was packed except a couple mugs, so we pulled our mattresses into the living room, lit some candles, cried a lot and drank wine out of mugs. 

SUMMER AFTER COLLEGE: Kate and I lived in the city and it was awesome, and we felt so grown up. Sten asked me to marry him! Jessica and I went on the GREATEST road trip ever from MN to CALIFORNIA and I just really loved this stage of life.

THEN I GOT MARRIED! Best day/ most fun day of my life. 
 WE MOVED AND LIVED IN CO FOR 2 YEARS: This stage of life was big. We only knew Sten's brother and sister in law when we moved and that was really hard and good for us at the same time. We learned how to live on our own, how to budget, how to be married, we traveled around and bought a house, I had SO much fun getting to know my sister-in-law, and thank God that we lived there so that I could have a special bond with her. I cherish those moments we lived in CO. We could pick up and go anywhere. We had very limited responsibilities and we had a LOT of fun.
 Rocky Mountain National Park, basically in our backyard
 climbed a 14er and it was incredible.
 Our first house.
The best memories with Bryce, Ryann, and a short little time with Drake.
MOVED BACK TO CHICAGO: favorite memories included awesome times with friends, exploring the city and BYOB's with Sten, and our amazing teeny apartment. Sten graduated from Seminary and we found out I was pregnant. Chicago memories will always be super dear to my heart.

Our favorite BYOB: Tango Sur

After Graduation we moved to Menomonie where we became PARENTS! The ups and downs of being a mom have showed me emotions I didn't know existed. The love I feel for Olle and Lucy is so big I could never have expected it. Getting to be a parent with Sten has been our most fun endeavor yet. These past 2.5 years in Menomonie have taught me how to reach out and make new friends, how to open up and let people in, and how to look for the ways God is providing for us on a daily basis. It has also been such a blast to live near family. I cherish every moment spent with those I love most and feel like it is the most awesome thing ever that I get to live 1 hour away from my parents and sister.
 Lucy Jane
Olle Roger

Can't wait to see what my 30's will bring. I'm praying for lots of adventures and continued opportunities to love and be loved. 

xo, erica.