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The sun is out this morning and I woke up with Olle early. I am in a season of intense contentment for my little life. I am thankful for my family and the friends we have made in Menomonie. I love our house and our neighborhood and I am grateful for this hard, tiring, but SO rewarding time of parenting two awesome kids. Last weekend I went to Chicago with friends and it was a real great time away. I came back a better person! So much more patient, and a renewed perspective on life. We ate great food, had lots of chats, walked around the city and clinked our glasses to a kid-free weekend!

 Jenni brought her selfie stick and we used it so much it ran out of batteries :)
 view from the signature room
 Got our make-up done
 the bean.
I am so thankful for these girls and the role they have played in my life. Their faith is inspiring and they are so much fun!
 Lucy fell asleep on our run the other day. I was only planning on running to and from the library, but then she just kept sleeping and I ended up going 9 miles. That double jogging stroller is no joke. I was so sore the next day.
 Lucy helped me make bread Wednesday morning. She rolled the dough, "painted" on the butter, and sprinkled on the cinnamon sugar for our cinnamon toast bread.
 FINALLY park weather!
 reading outside in the sun.... just like mom.
 found this picture the other day of little olle man and my grandma. thought it was so sweet.
 last night Olle fell asleep before I finished feeding him and this little face was too sweet not to take a picture of. He makes me such a happy person. I love this boy.

Love, erica.