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So many happenings

It's been so long since I've gathered my thoughts. But now that we are almost to the one week anniversary of Olle sleeping through the night I feel like a human again for the first time in a long time!
Olle: a bundle of joy. This guy makes me so happy with his grunts, giggles and rumbling little body. He'll be 9 months this weekend and that makes me excited to see how much more fun he'll become and so sad that this baby stage is coming closer to the end. He's into everything and loves to pull himself up on anything. He's still the most enthralled with Lucy, and her baby, as it's just about the only toy he can NEVER get. 
Lucy: also a bundle of joy in her own exhausting way. She keeps us on our toes, but when she's sweet there is nothing better. I love her in the mornings or when she hasn't fallen asleep yet at night and all the sudden we hear little foot prints down the hall. She always peeks at us to see what our reaction will be. I love surprising her with open arms and a few minutes of special snuggle time on the couch with mom and dad before bringing her back into bed.

Other happenings:
 Warmer weather a few weekends back!

Then we headed to Bluefin Bay for an amazing family getaway 
Unfortunately this guy got a double ear infection :( but fortunately that meant extra snuggles. 
It was a really perfect trip. 
Lucy got new pink glasses! She put them on and said: "I just love them so much!" Although the newness has already worn off. 
We got to visit cousins last weekend and had lots of fun. I love it when these kids get together. There is lots of fighting and yelling and crying, but there's also some really fun moments too. Lucky kids. 
Lindsey got married! It was perfect and beautiful and so much fun to be with my high school forever friends. 
PHS class of 2004!
Here's Lucy keeping her baby safe from Olle. She's convinced he'll out crawl her or something. 
This sweet little boy. 
A rare moment of sibling love: these two playing train in the kitchen. Olle belly-laughing and Lucy pushing me and telling me to "go away, were playing!"

Xo erica


  1. Olle is getting so big! It's wonderful that he's sleeping through the night. E will often still wake me up once or twice a night to find his paci and put his blanket back on. :/
    Love the photo of the 4 of you in Bluefin Bay! Looks like it was a really nice getaway. :)


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