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Its almost summer time....

We're all excited for summer over here in the Carlson house. More time to play outside, go for bike rides, pack picnics, go to the cabin, wear dresses, and feel warm. I love being a mom in the summer. Days seem full of fun things, and I don't ever feel like I need to entertain the kids. Lucy tends to make up her own games when we play outside or go to the park, and naps and bedtime is easier after hours of fresh air and play.
This morning while Sten and I were drinking our coffee with the windows open the birds were chirping SO loudly, we both commented about it. It was such a coincidence then, that in our Jesus Calling devo we read it talked about looking for God's treasures throughout your day, and one of the treasures it listed was chirping birds. I've been trying to go about my day today thinking of all the treasures in my path, seems so easy to overlook them.

We had a really fun weekend full of things we love. Happy hour on the deck, dinner and games with friends,…


Lucy! This girl deserves a post of her own. She is full of sass and spunk. I was reading "For the Love" by Jen Hatmaker, and in it she talks about how her family is spicy, rather than sweet. I would say for the most part our family is sweet, BESIDES Lucy, shes spicy and I love that about her. She's got an opinion about everything... from the bow she "wears" in her hair, to the shoes she wears on her feet.
She's fairly potty trained with at least one accident a day, even though she totally knows better. She's been waking up between 5-6a, and goes back down for a nap between 12-1. She is THE WORST when she wakes up. Super crabby and whiney... it takes her a good 1/2 hour before she is back to her normal happy, playing self.
She LOVES pretend. Yesterday she was coloring for about 1 minute before the crayons became a mom and dad and baby and started talking to each other.
Phrases lately are:
'This is the best day ever!'
'SO, tell us about your …

Marathon, Mother's Day and My Main Man...

Well, the Eau Claire Marathon is in the books!

It was such a great race day full of clouds/sun, lots of cheers, and my favorite people. I kept checking the weather 10x a day the week before and it kept saying rain. I was convinced I'd be running a rainy/windy race, and had lowered my expectations. Then 2 days before it started saying no rain, just wind... on the day of, it was perfect racing weather... started with clouds and then ended with sun.
I couldn't believe it, but I was in the lead for the entire race. There was a biker in front of me leading the "first female marathoner" and I was getting so many cheers. It was SO SO fun. The race ends with a climb up to Carson Park and in that last .2 miles a girl passed me!!! I didn't have it in me to keep up with her, and she ended up beating me by 12 seconds. I don't even care. I wasn't expecting to do as well as I did, and I feel thankful that I was able to run. I had SO much fun and loved the crowd and my …

10 month Olle

Can't believe it 2 short months our little man will be ONE! How did this year go by so fast???
The whole family loves this guy. He makes life way more fun with his instant giggles and happy demeanor.
- still has just 2 teeth
- loves all food
- lights up when he sees Sten
- loves to be thrown in the air
- thinks Lucy is the funniest human on earth
- takes 2 naps
- can stand for a few seconds on his own :(
- is BUSY.


 this face gets me every time!
 some pretty serious bottle feeding from big sissy. check out that tummy!  loves swings  BAHHHHHH!!! look at those faces <3  got this sweet outfit from big cousin Drake...
Happy 10 Olle Man. you are SPECIAL!