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10 month Olle

Can't believe it 2 short months our little man will be ONE! How did this year go by so fast???
The whole family loves this guy. He makes life way more fun with his instant giggles and happy demeanor.
- still has just 2 teeth
- loves all food
- lights up when he sees Sten
- loves to be thrown in the air
- thinks Lucy is the funniest human on earth
- takes 2 naps
- can stand for a few seconds on his own :(
- is BUSY.


 this face gets me every time!

 some pretty serious bottle feeding from big sissy. check out that tummy!
 loves swings
 BAHHHHHH!!! look at those faces <3
 got this sweet outfit from big cousin Drake...

Happy 10 Olle Man. you are SPECIAL!