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Its almost summer time....

We're all excited for summer over here in the Carlson house. More time to play outside, go for bike rides, pack picnics, go to the cabin, wear dresses, and feel warm. I love being a mom in the summer. Days seem full of fun things, and I don't ever feel like I need to entertain the kids. Lucy tends to make up her own games when we play outside or go to the park, and naps and bedtime is easier after hours of fresh air and play.
This morning while Sten and I were drinking our coffee with the windows open the birds were chirping SO loudly, we both commented about it. It was such a coincidence then, that in our Jesus Calling devo we read it talked about looking for God's treasures throughout your day, and one of the treasures it listed was chirping birds. I've been trying to go about my day today thinking of all the treasures in my path, seems so easy to overlook them.

We had a really fun weekend full of things we love. Happy hour on the deck, dinner and games with friends, family time in the cities to celebrate a certain special FOUR year old, and we capped off yesterday with a bike ride to Lucette.

 Donut Birthday party for this big guy. love him so.
 Family photo at church Saturday night.

 these 2 make my heart go boooom!
this little one loves his mama. 

 Sten and Mike gave us sissy's the night off last Friday and we met in Hudson for HH, it was 3 hours of non-interupted chatter. Love this girl.
 The next day I paced the Get it Dunn Run in the COLD.... ugh...

 Got to spend a couple days at my parents last week. Love Starbucks dates with my mom.
 celebrated Jenni's bday with these lovely ladies.
and here's Olle, eating a stick of rhubarb.... WHAT?!
Life is really flying by!


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