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Lucy! This girl deserves a post of her own. She is full of sass and spunk. I was reading "For the Love" by Jen Hatmaker, and in it she talks about how her family is spicy, rather than sweet. I would say for the most part our family is sweet, BESIDES Lucy, shes spicy and I love that about her. She's got an opinion about everything... from the bow she "wears" in her hair, to the shoes she wears on her feet.
She's fairly potty trained with at least one accident a day, even though she totally knows better. She's been waking up between 5-6a, and goes back down for a nap between 12-1. She is THE WORST when she wakes up. Super crabby and whiney... it takes her a good 1/2 hour before she is back to her normal happy, playing self.
She LOVES pretend. Yesterday she was coloring for about 1 minute before the crayons became a mom and dad and baby and started talking to each other.
Phrases lately are:
'This is the best day ever!'
'SO, tell us about your day' (at the dinner table)
'Oh, Olle-Man, he's so cute'
"He's getting to be such a big guy'
'Just relax'
It's truly amazing when she remembers something from so long ago and whips it out like no big deal. She amazes me everyday with her vocabulary and her trap-like memory.
Our favorite Lucy story as of late is how obsessed she is about her cousin Olive eating the butter at the dinner table the other day. Out of no where she'll say: "mom, can I tell you something?... Olive ate the butter, then her mama said 'Olive Margaret, don't eat the butter!'" She CANNOT let it go. I would love to get into her little mind to see how it thinks!
Mostly though, she is still her happy, outgoing self. She loves other kids and friends at church. She loves being outside and this girl would still read a million books a day if Olle didn't get in the way.
She loves her brother in a weird way- still a lot of shoving and pushing, but also quite a bit of loving and LOTS of making him laugh. He doesn't seem to mind, as he just seems to want to be wherever she is, doing whatever she is doing.
 still loves that baby.
 First trip to the dentist! She was AWESOME!
 such a lady.... ALWAYS in a dress.
Baking with mom. She loves mixing, stiring, pouring, and rolling....

We love this girl. She makes our family have JUST the right amount of spice. ;)
xo, erica