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11 months.

Olle is 11 months! I seriously feel like it was yesterday that I wrote his 10 month post.
This has been a good month. Full of learning and new things for this little guy. He's got some tricks he can do now: 
-raise his hands when you say: soooo big
And he's still just a bundle of smiles. 
I think he's up to 21 solid pounds and he's in anywhere from 9-18 month clothes.
He loves all food, there's really nothing he won't eat, but his favorite this month is an avocado spinach smoothie with strawberry and bananas. Sucks that thing right down. 
He still takes two naps and sleeps until about 5-5:30am. 
I can't believe we'll be planning a first birthday next month. Makes me so sad! 

Such a blondie
little Maci giving Olle a bottle <3
He always wants to be standing.... and he loves this little bike.

"Oh Olle-man", I think we say that phrase 1,000 times a day. We love you, and can't imagine our lives without you.
XO, mom, dad, lucy.