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a quiet house

These days I never know if nap time will be quiet. Lucy naps about 6 out of 7 days... but sometimes she talks to herself in her bedroom for an hour and a half. Right now it is silent. I even closed the windows because the house is the perfect temperature and I don't want anything to change right now :)

We had a really full weekend. Filled with happy memories and our first time up at the cabin this summer. Even though the sun never came out and it rained the entire day Friday, we still felt extremely happy and grateful for the time we spent in that little piece of paradise.

 Lucy LOVED playing with the Dala horses.
 Great Grandma! She's amazing! always reading books to Lucy and keeping Olle happy.
 We went to the Grove for Memorial Day and this little monkey STILL doesn't like the grass. He's always raising his feet to try not to touch it... so funny
 this is my FAVORITE picture of the weekend. Sten and my dad helping Amos try to catch his first fish.... not sure who was the most disappointed that he never caught one :)
 my 3 favorite people.

I feel like my days with a baby in the house are limited. Olle is acting more and more like a toddler and it makes me so sad. He's into whatever Lucy's into and that just seems to age him. Today they were playing together and laughing and I got a short glimpse of them playing together in the future.... THAT makes me excited.

This weekend we are going to re-group and re-coup.... I feel like we have been on full blast the whole month of May. June holds lots of exciting events, and I want to remember to enjoy them all.

 are these not the CUTEST pictures of Sten and Lucy????? I just LOOOOVE them.
 poor Olle, we need more boy toys... going to have to hit up some garage sales this summer!
 little gardener.  (not really, she gets bored after 1 minute)

xo, erica


  1. These photos are all SO sweet!
    I love the one of Lucy playing with the Dala horses at the cabin :)


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