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June is flying by. It's hard to think in just 2 weeks we'll be celebrating July 4th.... I hope Summer stays well into Fall because, I am loving it.

Some recent happenings:

A trip up North to the cabin. We had not the best weather... and it is pretty hard to entertain little ones inside, but we had one super great afternoon with lots of sunshine, so we all decided that made it worth it!
 all i can say: good thing I brought my selfie-stick to the cabin...
 this little guy was a bundle of laughs. Especially when knocking down block towers, he thought that was the funniest thing ever.
 ask me if I was happy about wearing sweatshirts and jeans in June: NO, no I wasn't
 Looking for fish off the dock.
 FINALLY the sun came out right in time for naps! So we sat out on the dock and took turns running inside to listen for crying kids :)
 boat girl.
 life jackets on kids look so uncomfortable...

 We made a donut stop at Auntie M's each day.... what else do you do when its rainy and cold?! Lucy wasn't mad about it!
a little evening fishing for Sten... it was so peaceful
 Great Grandma bought lucy and olle a kiddie pool... it was a hit!

This guy LOVES laughing at his sissy. 

We came home Friday night, spent Saturday at home and then Sunday went back to the cities to meet with Caleb and Emily who were in town for a wedding. It was beyond special to see them. Why does everyone live so far away :(
We had so much fun at Bad Weather Brewery. This place is a gem. 3 hours passed by in a flash, and all the sudden we had to say goodbye.... missing them already.
 June, 2nd 2006: the date we met and became instant friends. <3
 HA! this selfie stick
 Sten's failed attempt... (you're not supposed to be able to see the stick!)
At this point I was laughing so hard... it's a miracle we got a picture! haha

Came home Sunday, then drove BACK to the cities Monday night to see Linds, who is home from Korea for a wedding! I got to see so many of my high school friends and had the best chats. High school friendships I find to be really special. It's almost like no amount of time could go by without you still just kind of KNOWING each other. I love my HS, and am very thankful for them.
We were the last 3 standing... my awesome parents watched my kids, so I stayed out until 9PM!

LASTTTT, we spent the night at gma and gpa's Monday night then went to the zoo today with Amos and Olive. the weather was perfect and it wasn't too crowded, we got to see so many animals, and Lucy will tell you the monkeys were her favorite. (last year it was the buffalo (??))
 "giraffe's have looooong necks" -lucy
 I've never known a baby to love his grandma as much as Olle loves his.
 Love these 4.

Lots of MN fun!