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Bay Lake with the Carlsons!

We had the best week with the Colorado Carlsons at Bay Lake. We were so excited when their car pulled into the driveway! Lucy had so much fun with her cousins, and learned lots of new kid phrases like: "cannon ball!!". Drake, Raine and Skye are SO sweet, and I love that they are Lucy and Olle's cousins.
We had a couple of rainy/cold days, but that didn't get us down. Friday and Saturday were true lake days, and we took full advantage of the sun, with boat rides, and lots of outdoor play from morning til night.

I can't believe it had been a year since we had seen these guys. Besides the kids getting bigger, it is always like nothing has changed. We love them so, and miss them already!
We had the quietest ride up EVER both kids slept almost the whole time and we made zero stops! Evening boat ride.  Trip to Nisswa
 BIG AXE brewery in Nisswa, MN
Kids got to go in the neighbors hot tub! Kiddie pool
 sunny day relaxing!  Uncle Bryce has got the touch!
 Lucy and Drake got al…

Olle is ONE!

Can't believe my little Olle man turned ONE this month. I remember heading to the hospital early that Friday morning wondering what he'd look like, and what kind of personality he'd have. God gave us the BEST boy in the world and I love him more every day. His jet-black hair is now bright blonde and his blue eyes faded, but he is still the sweet, handsome boy we met one year ago.

We had a low key Birthday party on Sunday with Jessica, Mike, Amos and Olive. We were especially excited to see them since they had been traveling and we headed to Lucette after church. Olle partied hard and ended up falling asleep as we were finishing lunch. He rallied for cake, but ended the day with a fever of 102... so, maybe it wasn't his best showing, but he still managed to make a mess with the cake and open his gifts.

It's an absolute miracle that Olle survived year one with all the pushes, smacks, too tight squeezes, and lack of personal space his sister inflicted, but, somehow sh…


July means sun, fun, vacation, berries, water, hot dogs and swimsuits.

We got back from Phoenix last week and had the best time in the sun + Sten got ordained! It was a really great week with friends and family and 115 degree temps.
Lucy and Sommar in matching water wings.  Olle the charmer.
Pops the birthday boy! Anne and me in matching lularue dresses  :) Best cake ever. LOL  Petey and Stenny. Friends forever.  Me, Lucy and Olle are so proud of this guy. We are the lucky ones.  We finally discovered Starbucks in the lobby, so after getting up with the kids at 3:30am (time change) we'd meander down and be in line right when it opened at 6. A good cup of coffee can make an early morning bearable.

It was a really memorable week, spent some really great time as a family and, besides the extreme heat, really loved Phoenix. It'd be the perfect place to vacation in.... January :)

When we got home we totally laid low. We made no plans and just enjoyed the sunny, summer days. On Fri…