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July means sun, fun, vacation, berries, water, hot dogs and swimsuits.

We got back from Phoenix last week and had the best time in the sun + Sten got ordained! It was a really great week with friends and family and 115 degree temps.
airplane selfie!

 kids sleeping on planes = the best.
The time of this photo is 5:15am, when we went down to the pool because we'd already been up for almost 2 hours.
out to dinner at The Henry with the best friends.
Pool time with GMA AND GPA!!
Lucy and Sommar in matching water wings. 
Olle the charmer.
Pops the birthday boy!
Anne and me in matching lularue dresses  :)
Best cake ever. LOL 
Petey and Stenny. Friends forever. 
Me, Lucy and Olle are so proud of this guy. We are the lucky ones. 
We finally discovered Starbucks in the lobby, so after getting up with the kids at 3:30am (time change) we'd meander down and be in line right when it opened at 6. A good cup of coffee can make an early morning bearable.

It was a really memorable week, spent some really great time as a family and, besides the extreme heat, really loved Phoenix. It'd be the perfect place to vacation in.... January :)

When we got home we totally laid low. We made no plans and just enjoyed the sunny, summer days. On Friday we took our second annual "1 week before Olle was born" trip to Stillwater.
WOW! What a difference a year makes.

 The most perfect day for a long walk with my favorite guy <3

We did all the same things... ate good food, had a malt, and took a looooong walk. However, this year, we ended our day at Liftbridge Brewery, which was an excellent choice.

 The face of mischief
 She thinks dad is the most hilarious.

Happy Fourth of July! 
xo, erica