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Olle is ONE!

Can't believe my little Olle man turned ONE this month. I remember heading to the hospital early that Friday morning wondering what he'd look like, and what kind of personality he'd have. God gave us the BEST boy in the world and I love him more every day. His jet-black hair is now bright blonde and his blue eyes faded, but he is still the sweet, handsome boy we met one year ago.

We had a low key Birthday party on Sunday with Jessica, Mike, Amos and Olive. We were especially excited to see them since they had been traveling and we headed to Lucette after church. Olle partied hard and ended up falling asleep as we were finishing lunch. He rallied for cake, but ended the day with a fever of 102... so, maybe it wasn't his best showing, but he still managed to make a mess with the cake and open his gifts.

It's an absolute miracle that Olle survived year one with all the pushes, smacks, too tight squeezes, and lack of personal space his sister inflicted, but, somehow she is the one who can make him laugh the most, and he definitely feels more comfortable when shes around.

Olle loves:
to move, and he's SO fast, he's walking/running like a champ, but has not figured out the stairs
Grandma. for real. It's actually comical to see how much he has to be in her arms when she is around.
trucks (thanks to big cousin amos)
the cabin, and sleeping on boats.
his blankies
yogurt, blueberries, peaches, cucumbers, bread

He is in the 68% for height and 20% for weight.

Happy Birthday Olle Bear! Dad, Mom and Lucy LOVE you!
Big sister (and her princesses) helping make Olle's bday cake
Bonfire cake !

baby Olle. XOXO!