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other august memories.

Our last tastes of Summer! We've been busy, but have also had lots of lazy days.

One of my favorite days of the month was the Sunday before Jessica went back to school. To celebrate one last hurrah we all went to Lucette and then came back to our house for brownies and hang out. It was one of those special nights, when you look around the room and are SO thankful for the chance to be together and be in each others lives.

One of my other favorites was taking the kids to the Children's Museum. We went on a Friday when Sten was off work, and packed a picnic. It felt so grown up and such a "family outing". I remember sitting on the bench with our little family and just thinking to myself, how do we have a 1 and a 2 yr old?!?

 Our Olle-man really took the cake this day. He was full of smiles and was having SO much fun driving all cars and checking out all the exhibits.  practicing our letters.. " L" and "U"... I will never be able to home school. Teach…

Colorado 2016

I cannot believe today is the last day of August. We've been busy this month, with a trip to Colorado as our big family vacation. Sten spent half of the time fishing with his brother, and therefore, the kids and I spent half of the time with my sister in law + kids at their house, the other half was spent all together, 5 kids + 4 adults. Lots and lots of fun memories made.
Here's the whole gang on our last day... so sad to say goodbye :(
I barely took any pics, the time went so fast trying to chase around all these wild kids- all of the sudden it was Saturday and we were heading to the airport.  Ryann and I went to the pool with the kids everyday trying to tire them out and keep our sanity. Nap times were hit-and-miss but we made time each day for a stop on the Loveland Brewery scene. Meanwhile Bryce and Sten had fun up in the mountains catching fish and hanging with their buds. My favorite memory from the trip was our double date on Friday night. We got a sitter and went to d…


Cannot believe July is over. Where oh where did the month go? We spent the last week of July visiting Grammy + friends in the Chicagoland area. The week flew by and when it came time to say goodbye, I think we were all a little sad. It feels good to be home now, and the we really missed Sten- there was a lot of playtime on the floor and wrestling when the kids finally got out of their car seats.

The Sunday before we left, Olle was dedicated at church. He was surrounded by family and all our church friends and it was special. We love this guy and pray everyday that he grows up knowing God, loving God, and loving others.

Cousins giving Olle a kiss. Lucy was SO excited that Amos and Olive came to church with us again!
and seriously. look at these 4. I couldn't love them more.
 Lucy's in a weird stage of not napping, and its awful. She was so wound up I took her on a run and she was asleep in 4 mins. I didn't want her to wake up, so I ended up meeting the rest of the gang at L…