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Colorado 2016

I cannot believe today is the last day of August. We've been busy this month, with a trip to Colorado as our big family vacation. Sten spent half of the time fishing with his brother, and therefore, the kids and I spent half of the time with my sister in law + kids at their house, the other half was spent all together, 5 kids + 4 adults. Lots and lots of fun memories made.
Here's the whole gang on our last day... so sad to say goodbye :(

I barely took any pics, the time went so fast trying to chase around all these wild kids- all of the sudden it was Saturday and we were heading to the airport. 
Ryann and I went to the pool with the kids everyday trying to tire them out and keep our sanity. Nap times were hit-and-miss but we made time each day for a stop on the Loveland Brewery scene. Meanwhile Bryce and Sten had fun up in the mountains catching fish and hanging with their buds. My favorite memory from the trip was our double date on Friday night. We got a sitter and went to dinner in Fort Collins. We loved the time together and wish we didn't live so far away. 

date night!
 blizzards, brewery, and drake as the photographer!
Love this picture of Sten and his little buddy.
 Raine and Lucy were constantly changing into dressup clothes. Lucy thought it was the best thing in the world!
 loves her cousins
 We spent one afternoon in Estes. It was beautiful and so fun to be back there

 these 2 are total sister status. love each other one minute and fighting like crazy the next. They wanted WHATEVER the other one had, but also were inseparable. It was really sweet.
and check out these little blondies. They didn't really interact much yet, but I can't wait to see how their relationship grows over the years.
 double stroller run- nap FTW!
cutie pies.

We still talk about our Colorado trip A LOT even tho it was almost a month ago. Lucy refers to Drake and Raine everyday, about their dog Wrigely (who she affectionately re-named Skylar), about the "bear" in the house, their "pampoline", the dress up clothes, the neighbor pool, and their grandma's pool, and how Uncle bryce and daddy went fishing. It was a really great trip and we miss them all so much already.
XO, erica