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Cannot believe July is over. Where oh where did the month go? We spent the last week of July visiting Grammy + friends in the Chicagoland area. The week flew by and when it came time to say goodbye, I think we were all a little sad. It feels good to be home now, and the we really missed Sten- there was a lot of playtime on the floor and wrestling when the kids finally got out of their car seats.

The Sunday before we left, Olle was dedicated at church. He was surrounded by family and all our church friends and it was special. We love this guy and pray everyday that he grows up knowing God, loving God, and loving others.

Cousins giving Olle a kiss. Lucy was SO excited that Amos and Olive came to church with us again!
and seriously. look at these 4. I couldn't love them more.
 Lucy's in a weird stage of not napping, and its awful. She was so wound up I took her on a run and she was asleep in 4 mins. I didn't want her to wake up, so I ended up meeting the rest of the gang at Lucette, she got an hour and ten minute nap, and I got an 8 mile run... win- win!
We took advantage of Meredith being here and went for a date that night. I love ANYtime I get to spend with this guy. And a perfect July night, made it even more special.

 We got to meet sweet baby Jonah- and him and Olle really hit it off :)
 I think the highlight of the trip for Lucy was playing with cousin Elin. Elin was so sweet and patient with her and Lucy couldn't stop talking about her. Especially how she can't wait to be big like Elin next year so she can go down the slide at the pool... :)
Pretty girls!

Grammy took us to ice cream downtown Geneva and it was a HIT! sticky, hot and happy kids <3
 The next day we went to Kate's house and these little buddies got to play. It's prob the last time we'll visit this house of theirs, as they're moving at the end of August. SOOOOO many happy memories in the house. I'll miss it!
This was us, cheers-ing to their BRAND new home, pre babies.... the best of the best she is!
now, 4 kids later, they are on to new things!!!
 rainy day calls for CHUCK E CHEESE. Lucy had the time of her life!

big kid.... seriously.
 Last, but not least, I got to meet these precious little bundles, Olive and Ezra at Brad's surprise bday party. Don't know if you can tell, but they are the sweetest little things. couldn't get enough.

Kate was making fun of the selfie stick, so you better believe I snapped a pic before heading home....

Then to ease my way back into Wisconsin I made a Chicago-style deep dish for us when I got home.

 the best!
 I love him more everyday.
We ended July at a fish-fry with friends and Lucy got to take a dip in the pool. I love making summer memories with all the fantastic people in our lives.

love. erica.


  1. Such special photos of your time with friends in Chicago!
    That pizza looks amazing :)


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