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other august memories.

Our last tastes of Summer! We've been busy, but have also had lots of lazy days.

One of my favorite days of the month was the Sunday before Jessica went back to school. To celebrate one last hurrah we all went to Lucette and then came back to our house for brownies and hang out. It was one of those special nights, when you look around the room and are SO thankful for the chance to be together and be in each others lives.

One of my other favorites was taking the kids to the Children's Museum. We went on a Friday when Sten was off work, and packed a picnic. It felt so grown up and such a "family outing". I remember sitting on the bench with our little family and just thinking to myself, how do we have a 1 and a 2 yr old?!?

 Our Olle-man really took the cake this day. He was full of smiles and was having SO much fun driving all cars and checking out all the exhibits.
 practicing our letters.. " L" and "U"... I will never be able to home school. Teaching her these two letters was one of the more frustrating things I've ever done. haha!
 After a couple rough days of parenting, I hit re-set and we all benefited. When I sent Sten this picture, he replied "So we know its possible for them to have together and not fight?!"

LAST, we went to the cabin with gma and gpa! It was a little chilly (we've come to expect that), but it was SO much fun. We took the boat to Ruttgers for both ice cream one day and donuts the next.... Grandpa's treat, and enjoyed time together. We even had a fish fry. The cabin continues to be Sten and my happy place and I think it has easily become Lucy's as well. There's a certain spot about a 1/2 mile from the cabin where everyone is able to take off their seatbelts. It was a tradition with Sten's family and about half way into our 3 hour journey Lucy asked if she could take her seatbelt off- Sten said, "not yet". The rest of the 1.5 hours we heard "can I take it off now? .... now?..... now?....... "


It's been a whirlwind summer, the moments of Lucy and Olle being so little are fleeting and I am trying so hard to appreciate this season of life. Thank you summertime for being FULL of memories with all of my favorite people and places.

XO, erica