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thoughts on Lucy

Time goes incredibly fast when kids are involved. When the calendar page flipped to September and I saw "LUCY IS THREE" taking up the entire block for the 20th my heart skipped a beat. How can she be three? I don't know where her second year went, but just recently I've noticed her clothes getting tighter, shorter, and faded.
I've noticed how she has changed her wording from, "mom, help me!" to, "I can do it myself"
I've noticed how she naps less.
I've noticed how aware she is of the things around her she used to be oblivious to.
I've noticed how the playground equipment is suddenly "play-able"- that she can climb, and jump, and hang, and slide.
I've noticed that she is noticing how other people feel.
All of these little things are adding up so fast and it makes me want to cry and jump for joy at the same time. I tell her everyday that she can't grow up, that she has to stay my little Lucy girl forever. She laugh…

Happy September!

Cannot believe we are a week into September already. That really flew by!

Last minute we decided to find a campsite Sunday night since Labor Day was Monday. I'm so glad we did! We were really unsure how it would go with 2 littles in a tent, but it ended up being an awesome adventure that I can now cross off my summer bucket list...

 We went to Willow River State Park. The hike to the falls was great, each of us with one of these monkeys on our backs...  Those smiles just kill me! Lucy has become quite the daddy's girl as of late.  this squirmy little guy....  The morning sun was welcome after a night of thunder and rain.. BUT we stayed nice and dry!

This car was a last minute addition to our already PACKED car, but we are SO glad we bought it. Olle sat in here pretty much the whole time. He just really loves steering wheels.
I am so glad we spur of the moment went on this little adventure. We were all awake at 2am in the same bed with the kids giggling, but it was worth every…