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thoughts on Lucy

Time goes incredibly fast when kids are involved. When the calendar page flipped to September and I saw "LUCY IS THREE" taking up the entire block for the 20th my heart skipped a beat. How can she be three? I don't know where her second year went, but just recently I've noticed her clothes getting tighter, shorter, and faded.
I've noticed how she has changed her wording from, "mom, help me!" to, "I can do it myself"
I've noticed how she naps less.
I've noticed how aware she is of the things around her she used to be oblivious to.
I've noticed how the playground equipment is suddenly "play-able"- that she can climb, and jump, and hang, and slide.
I've noticed that she is noticing how other people feel.
All of these little things are adding up so fast and it makes me want to cry and jump for joy at the same time. I tell her everyday that she can't grow up, that she has to stay my little Lucy girl forever. She laughs, and says, "yes! I am growing up!" with a sense of wit and charm about her. Some days if I forget to tell her, she'll turn to me and say: "mom, I AM growing up." and laughs as she knows it will get a playful rise out of me.
There have been numerous tough days with this girl over the last year, but I think I can look back with limited regret. We've played, we've read, we've colored, made messes, baked bread and continued to develop, what I hope, is a special bond. I love her so, my little Lucy girl and I can't wait to see her be a big 3 year old.
Love, erica

 mastered the slide
 climbed the ladder in 17 bracelets, her amulet, and 2 thumb rings.
and this one, because pony tail.