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San Francisco

This was the most exciting thing I've had the privilege of doing in a LONG time!
A couple weeks ago Emily's husband (Caleb) asked if I would come out and surprise Emily for her Birthday-- naturally I thought that would be the BEST thing ever and instantly asked Sten. What do you know? 3 weeks later I was on a 4 hour flight to SF with nothing but 3 books and my carry on.
I've never been a part of a surprise quite like that and seeing a shocked Emily at the bar when I showed up with my suitcase will be something I never forget.
We had so much fun catching up all weekend long. I feel like our hour phone calls never leave me enough time to ask all my questions or talk through all my problems :) We walked around the city, ate so much good food, met her friends, and saw her beautiful home.
It was really great to have a break from the kids and I finally missed them by the time I was flying home... sort of :)
Thank you Caleb for giving ME this gift and for letting me spend a weeke…

fall in 'sconi.

This weather is like the best thing in the world. We've biked, worn shorts and tees, played and enjoyed A LOT of outdoor time this October.

 Today we spent the whole morning/early afternoon outside. We stopped at a green space and tried to fine every color leaf. Lucy thought it was the best thing ever, and I did too! Olle, was kind of just along for the ride :)  really, really pretty  this kid makes the funniest faces.  Can't tell you how many hours we've spent playing ice cream shop at this park.

 Lucy actually went down this slide by herself! Brave girl! Happy Fall!
So not ready for Winter to come. I know these days are dwindling and the darkness seems to come SO soon, cutting into our evening walks. Choosing to really savor these days and try to remember how really great my kids are. Love that I get to spend my days with them, being their mom.  XO, erica

OLLE 15 months

Love this boy of ours so very, very much. His demeanor is sweet and his smile is the best. He loves cars and trucks, balls and baby strollers... anything that moves. He loves milk, yogurt, peanut butter and fruit, and is pretty picky beyond that. He's just at the point of dropping his first nap. Which is actually super great for our mornings, as now we can go out and do things. He loves waving goodbye to daddy in the morning, doing cheers with his milk cup, his blankets, putting on shoes, hiding under blankets, and playing outside.

Can't wait for him to learn a few more words... there is A LOT of grunting, screaming, pointing and frustration right now bc of his lack of vocabulary.

He's 31 inches and 23 lbs of pure boy. We all can't stop giving him kisses and hugs and holding him tight. He will always be our little Olle-man.

 Our handsome blondie. We love you buddy!

How has it been so long since I posted? Lucy's bday, + apple orchard fun.

Lucy's Birthday came and went and here we are, 10 days into October. My September in a nut shell was spent talking about how Lucy's party was Princess Themed, that she would have a castle cake, that her friends Amos and Olive were coming and that it's NOT Olle's Birthday. We now have a 3 year old and we've moved on to obsessing about pumpkins and Halloween costumes.

Some photos from Lucy's party:

We've been spending lots of Fall days outside, this weather is perfect.   THIS GUY!
She is pretty obsessed with this ANNA dress :)
We did ALL things Fall last week, including TWO trips to the Apple Orchards...   One with Olive and Grandma....

 Apple cider donuts.... MMMMMMM!
Grandma's boy!
THEN, Peter, Katie, Luke and Erik came to visit us and we celebrated Fall! It was SO fun.
 The day started off a little chilly, but it felt so fun to get all bundled up and head out on the tractor  2016....  2015....  Olle LOVES tractors.