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fall in 'sconi.

This weather is like the best thing in the world. We've biked, worn shorts and tees, played and enjoyed A LOT of outdoor time this October.

 Today we spent the whole morning/early afternoon outside. We stopped at a green space and tried to fine every color leaf. Lucy thought it was the best thing ever, and I did too! Olle, was kind of just along for the ride :)
 really, really pretty
 this kid makes the funniest faces.
 Can't tell you how many hours we've spent playing ice cream shop at this park.

 Lucy actually went down this slide by herself! Brave girl!
Happy Fall!

So not ready for Winter to come. I know these days are dwindling and the darkness seems to come SO soon, cutting into our evening walks. Choosing to really savor these days and try to remember how really great my kids are. Love that I get to spend my days with them, being their mom. 
XO, erica