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How has it been so long since I posted? Lucy's bday, + apple orchard fun.

Lucy's Birthday came and went and here we are, 10 days into October. My September in a nut shell was spent talking about how Lucy's party was Princess Themed, that she would have a castle cake, that her friends Amos and Olive were coming and that it's NOT Olle's Birthday. We now have a 3 year old and we've moved on to obsessing about pumpkins and Halloween costumes.

Some photos from Lucy's party:

We've been spending lots of Fall days outside, this weather is perfect. 

She is pretty obsessed with this ANNA dress :)

We did ALL things Fall last week, including TWO trips to the Apple Orchards... 
 One with Olive and Grandma....

 Apple cider donuts.... MMMMMMM!
Grandma's boy!

THEN, Peter, Katie, Luke and Erik came to visit us and we celebrated Fall! It was SO fun.

 The day started off a little chilly, but it felt so fun to get all bundled up and head out on the tractor
 Olle LOVES tractors.
 Honeycrisp Apples FTW!

 The perfect pumpkin
 I do not understand how she always takes the best selfies with Dad, but I'll take it, bc these two smiles couldn't get any cuter!
Olle-man ate this whole apple, his hands were practically frozen at the end, but he enjoyed every bite!

Goodbye September, Hello October!


One more.....
Can't believe how much these 4 have grown in 1 year! <3