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OLLE 15 months

Love this boy of ours so very, very much. His demeanor is sweet and his smile is the best. He loves cars and trucks, balls and baby strollers... anything that moves. He loves milk, yogurt, peanut butter and fruit, and is pretty picky beyond that. He's just at the point of dropping his first nap. Which is actually super great for our mornings, as now we can go out and do things. He loves waving goodbye to daddy in the morning, doing cheers with his milk cup, his blankets, putting on shoes, hiding under blankets, and playing outside.

Can't wait for him to learn a few more words... there is A LOT of grunting, screaming, pointing and frustration right now bc of his lack of vocabulary.

He's 31 inches and 23 lbs of pure boy. We all can't stop giving him kisses and hugs and holding him tight. He will always be our little Olle-man.

 Our handsome blondie. We love you buddy!