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San Francisco

This was the most exciting thing I've had the privilege of doing in a LONG time!
A couple weeks ago Emily's husband (Caleb) asked if I would come out and surprise Emily for her Birthday-- naturally I thought that would be the BEST thing ever and instantly asked Sten. What do you know? 3 weeks later I was on a 4 hour flight to SF with nothing but 3 books and my carry on.
I've never been a part of a surprise quite like that and seeing a shocked Emily at the bar when I showed up with my suitcase will be something I never forget.
We had so much fun catching up all weekend long. I feel like our hour phone calls never leave me enough time to ask all my questions or talk through all my problems :) We walked around the city, ate so much good food, met her friends, and saw her beautiful home.
It was really great to have a break from the kids and I finally missed them by the time I was flying home... sort of :)
Thank you Caleb for giving ME this gift and for letting me spend a weekend with you guys in San Francisco, can't wait to come back!!

Can you see the Golden Gate Bridge??

 Love these 2!
 Mission Pie.
 Waiting for brunch at 7:45am... worth it.

posing. :)

Never knew a 2006 camp counselor friendship could be THIS 10 years later. Thanks for those early morning runs, late night cereal sneaks, and a million phone calls since. I hope 30 is the BEST year ever for you Emily, you truly are the BEST.

xo, erica