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Thankful for.....

......Sten! He makes our house so much more fun. The last few weekends I have been out and about and he has jumped in as amazing super dad! It makes leaving so much easier. I was at a wedding shower last weekend and he loaded up the kids for sample day at the grocery store(s). Totally a dad-thing. Lucy told me all about being at the co-op and getting "treats". He also has more patience than anyone I know and last weekend BOTH kids fell asleep on him. I have no patience when it comes to that kind of stuff- therefor that never happens to me. One of my favorite memories this month was loading up the bonfire pit and roasting smores in the afternoon. It was the perfect day and I love that Sten is always willing to build us a fire. I am thankful for so many things this time of year, but I'd say Sten is at the top of my list! family bonfire!  sample day!
Sleepy kids.
XO, erica

Halloween 2016

Look at these cuties!!! Princes Anna and a Cubs player for downtown Menomonie trick or treating... it was a beautiful day-- didn't even need a coat!!  Jen, Maci, and Chase joined us Halloween night and the 3 big kids had SO much fun! There was no fear going up to the houses on their own and Lucy even felt comfortable enough to walk into most peoples homes... eeeek....  2016, 2015... another year, another princess holding hands with her daddy <3  this picture just kills me... Posing: Anna and Anna! Lucy's sideways smile... gosh I love her!
How great are holidays with kids? Sten and I are having lots of fun with these 2 kiddies lately :)


My favorite month has arrived. It's been tainted a bit by all the negativity surrounding the election, so I'm choosing to use this little space on the internet to remember the good in this world, mainly my family and friends whom I treasure the most.

The kids and I traveled (with my mom) to my cousins wedding in Missouri last weekend. It was just great. Full of sweet times with uncles and aunts and cousins that I don't get to see enough. Watching my kids love our extended family has become one of my greatest joys. They are lucky to have some of the warmest, sweetest, and Godly people in their lives and I am the luckiest to get to sit back and watch it unfold. I am indebted to my mom for helping me out this weekend and to my sweet Grandma who took my hands in hers and told me I was doing a great job and that I have great kids. Even though she can't really hear, it still meant the world to me, because parenting is hard and I constantly feel like I'm failing.
 We didn…