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My favorite month has arrived. It's been tainted a bit by all the negativity surrounding the election, so I'm choosing to use this little space on the internet to remember the good in this world, mainly my family and friends whom I treasure the most.

The kids and I traveled (with my mom) to my cousins wedding in Missouri last weekend. It was just great. Full of sweet times with uncles and aunts and cousins that I don't get to see enough. Watching my kids love our extended family has become one of my greatest joys. They are lucky to have some of the warmest, sweetest, and Godly people in their lives and I am the luckiest to get to sit back and watch it unfold. I am indebted to my mom for helping me out this weekend and to my sweet Grandma who took my hands in hers and told me I was doing a great job and that I have great kids. Even though she can't really hear, it still meant the world to me, because parenting is hard and I constantly feel like I'm failing.
 We didn't make it through the actual wedding ceremony, Lucy has one volume: LOUD
 Both kids loved Uncle Joel
 Cousin table!
 end of the wedding, Lucy partied hard...
 Mom and her siblings and Grandma <3
 My flower girl
 she loved her flower crown

 Just realized I never got a picture of the bride and groom.... :( She was stunning, and the wedding was beautiful!

In other news, Lucy's 3 and hilarious and today Olle-man is 16 months old! He's a bundle of joy right now, and has been REALLY into all things boy. He loves trucks, truck books, farm books (tractors), and playing outside kicking balls around. He says a very emphatic DA DA DA, and I think that is not only for dad, but also for Grandma, and maybe anytime he's excited about something? He also knows how to meow, and woof, and baa, and his clearest word is uh-oh. We're at a fun stage with the kids and everyday seems to fly by. Loving this warm November weather and trying my hardest to soak it all up :)
 big boy! loves climbing UP the slide
 playing outside in short sleeves and a tutu... pure bliss!
and crashing hard at night with baby, Saraphina, big Ariel and little Ariel

Here's to Thanksgiving, our 8th anniversary and being thankful for all the awesome people in my life :)