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Thankful for.....

......Sten! He makes our house so much more fun. The last few weekends I have been out and about and he has jumped in as amazing super dad! It makes leaving so much easier. I was at a wedding shower last weekend and he loaded up the kids for sample day at the grocery store(s). Totally a dad-thing. Lucy told me all about being at the co-op and getting "treats". He also has more patience than anyone I know and last weekend BOTH kids fell asleep on him. I have no patience when it comes to that kind of stuff- therefor that never happens to me. One of my favorite memories this month was loading up the bonfire pit and roasting smores in the afternoon. It was the perfect day and I love that Sten is always willing to build us a fire. I am thankful for so many things this time of year, but I'd say Sten is at the top of my list!
family bonfire!
 sample day!

Sleepy kids.

XO, erica


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