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Some happenings

Thanksgiving was awesome and continues to be my favorite holiday! We got to spend TONS of time with cousins and aunts and uncles and then spent the WHOLE day after with the Bernards. Time with them is always special to us and this was no different. I'm thankful for each one of them and the way they love us.

 Sten and I celebrated year 8 a little different this year. We took the money we would have spent on dinner and went shopping! #adulting On the day-of, we had cheese and our favorite wine and talked about this past year. Highs and lows, dreams and things to come. We looked through our wedding pictures and re-lived the day. That day was truly magical and easily one of my favorite days of my life. The excitement, the love and all the joy in the world!

Our first SNOW! I felt like the ultimate mom by bundling up the kids and playing in the snow for an hour. It was a fun morning and we all had fun.

Poor Olle, that snow suit is just a little too small, and he could barely walk :)

We also got our Christmas Tree and decorated the house... On Sunday morning while doing our Jesse Tree and Advent gift from Grammy, it was snowing outside, Sten was already at Church and we made a picnic breakfast out by the tree. It was a magical moment and one I will never forget. These two littles that are so full of awe and wonder at the lights and the snow and this whole time of year-- it was all so beautiful. 
Olle driving home our Christmas Tree :)
 "O Come Let us Adore HIM!"

This. Here was my last nice morning run outside before the snow. It was the most beautiful sight to see and had me basking in all God's glory.

XOXO, erica