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Just got back from our Mexican vacation and I'm staring out the window as the snow accumulates.... take me backkkkkkk!!!!!!!
We had such a great week. If I could sum up the vacation in one word, it would be SAND :) I looked around the beach at one point at all the adults laying on their chairs reading books, and thought, I'm glad I'm sitting on the sand making a million castles, driving trucks around the mote, chasing Olle down the beach, and being in the water for hours. I wouldn't say it was the most relaxing vacation-- but it was perfect!

 Waiting for our flight... I'm sure everyone in our terminal was excited about a 4 hour plane ride with these two :) The flight went better than expected, even tho Olle only napped for like 30 mins!

 This guy up early! We cruised the streets on Isla with a coffee in hand
Then had breakfast outside waiting for gma and gpa to meet up with us and swim!

 worn out from our long day of travel and morning of splashing in the pool
 first beach day! Every morning we'd pack up and head to the North Beach at Mayan beachfront. If you spent 300 pesos worth of food and drink you got 2 chairs and an umbrella.... This place had the best Margaritas (wasn't hard to spend 300p) :)
 Little fish.
 Lucky Lucy had Sten's full attention all week. He never stopped playing!
 Grandma and Grandpa also got in on the sand fun!
this is OUR SPOT!
 one of our better castles )
 This kid we nicknamed the sandman. He always looked like this.

love this guys belly!  
 eating limes
 best view ever.
 there's an ice cream man who pushes a little cart through the beach each day. Lucy picked a lime popsicle from him one day. She loved it and was totally covered in green slim by the end!

who doesn't love a good beach nap?!?!
the North Beach is Selfie station. It was so funny watching everyone take a million selfies all day long. We had to join the fun :)

This was how our day started at 9am.....
and this is how it ended 5 hours later..... crazy how fast storms can come in!

Because the kids get up so early we took a couple early morning walks down to the beach. We loved walking around the north beach while no one was there, it was quiet and peaceful and SO beautiful.
 twins <3

 Love this girl so much.
Olle is so fast. He loves to run and will take off any chance he can get. He definitely kept us on our toes all week.

And of course we ate out a TON! :)
 Rooster for brunch....
 Pita Amore for lunch.....
 a walk to Green Verde for dinner.....
 DATE NIGHT at Sunsets (Thanks mom and dad!)- best coconut shrimp and margaritas EVER.
 "GIRL POWER!" love our matching bracelets.
 and this one... just because, how cute is he?
 Nutella cappucino, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
 last night dinner out. XOXOXOXOX

Our house (Casa Missy) was, okay. The location to the beach was AWESOME since it was only like a 1 minute walk, but it was so loud at night and the pool was teeny tiny and cold. I don't think we'd stay there again, however, we still made some great memories in the house. Mostly centering around happy hours, games, "Mrs. Who" stories, and pancake breakfasts.
 Olle Guacamole!

 "I'm not talkin' about Grampy, I'm talkin' about stampy" "I'm not talkin' about the pool, I'm talkin' about drool!"... We played this game for HOURS.

catching up on the latest gossip mags....

Here we are around town....

 Love these pics... Lucy's face is priceless!
 Our last picture on the island... clearly the kids were super excited to leave... NOT!

BUT... We got the best gift at the end of our trip... an upgrade to FIRST CLASS!!!!! It was the BEST thing ever, wine, dinner and LOTS of space! We were in SHOCK!
PEACE'n out in STYLE! ;)

Bye Isla Mujeres-- you were good to us! XOXOXO