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these days

Olle turned 1.5 years old last week, and Lucy feels like a teenager to me to some days. I feel a leap in my heart over the excitement of them physically needing me less, and a deep sadness over them getting older and no longer running to me with open arms and happy squeals.
I love every day at home with these 2. They make me proud, happy, angry, frustrated, tired and full of love all at once. Winter is an especially interesting time to be a stay at home mom. It's a little daunting to wake up every morning with a blank slate, wondering how you're going to fill up 12 hours. Some days I do better than others, about embracing the mess and just playing... other days I ask Lucy for forgiveness at night since I wasn't very present with her that day. Trying to tick off everything on my to-do list instead of playing Doc McStuffins, princesses, dollhouse, or painting our nails. It actually breaks my heart to think that sometimes I won't even put down the rag to paint nails with my daughter. It seems like this fine balance between staying sane, and guiding and loving my kids through their play and interests...

Olle is a busy boy. He's easy to make laugh- especially through slap-stick humor. His giggle makes you melt and he looks more boy than baby. He's super fast, and once comfortable with his surroundings, has no fear darting off to explore (it is actually quite terrifying). He still doesn't have too many words, but I know he's trying. He loves his Dada, and emphatically calls his name all day. He loves Mama too, and loves to be held. He gives the best hugs and kisses and loves to spread the love. He is particular about his footwear and prefers to wear shoes.
New words in the last month are: Olive (Olif), Moo, Off, On, Juice.

Lucy is a bundle of greatness and says the BEST things.
While playing cards: "I'll divy them up!"
While playing her princesses: "Just give me a chance!"
While being Doc: "I've got my stethoscope, what's your diagnosis?" 
It's so fun to hear her talk and have conversations with her. She's a wise little lady and picks up on some funny phrases.
She had an eye appointment yesterday and is doing awesome. She is seeing out of her left eye the best she ever has. We are so proud of her and looking forward to the day we don't have to throw that patch on her everyday. We're halfway there! WOOHOO!

Family is the best. I'm thankful for mine.
Love, erica.
 bed head.
best Christmas picture we could get.