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Heyo! Turned the big 3-1 this weekend and it was a GREAT day. Sten made it special right off the bat with a sweet card and some new, warm, cozy socks waiting for me when I got up. We cooked up some bacon and then Sten went out to shovel our crazy snow storm.
Exhibit A:
Wednesday, me, running in shorts in the warm sunshine with NO SNOW:
Exhibit B:
Me waking up on the day of my BIRTHDAY to THIS :( SAD FACE:
It didn't ruin our day, however-- I ended up with a 5K PR on the treadmill, and concluded the night with my favorite people in my favorite place.
 this picture SO perfectly captures each one of these kids personalities. I love them dearly and they love their grandma and grampy the very most in the world.
 somehow mom missed out on the selfie. She's holding Olle-boy.
These girls were shouting 'girl power' from the roof tops. They are the funniest little humans.
Grampy snapped this picture and I think it will be a keeper forever and ever.

I couldn't have asked for a better Birthday. Spent perfectly with my family and full of all the love in the world. This has been one great year. Never knew 30 could bring a new sense of self, a stronger me, and a home that has been filled with friends and family countless times over the last year. 

I feel so hopeful for this year to come. I have many goals and many dreams. As Sten and I embark on our new church planting step, I know this will be our best adventure yet. Personally, I hope to run hard and fast at Boston and I feel so thankful for the gift/passion that running has been to me. 

Here's to 31. To my wonderful family that has loved me unconditionally, and to my friends who have filled my days with sunshine and purpose.

LOVE, erica.