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sweet times.

 I can't say that these two always show love to each other, but this moment was one of the sweet ones. Pure joy, puddles, splashing, laughing.
 Olle LOVES 'dada'. I love the way he is looking at Sten- pure adoration.
 and here is our little Olle-boy. full of all the joy and all the boy in the world.
 and this beauty. sweetness comes out in small amounts when you're least expecting it. She keeps us on our toes and makes us laugh nonstop.
 I've never seen a kid first-hand fall asleep mid-meal. I just have never understood how a kid could fall asleep without a parent knowing... UNTIL last week. I was getting Lucy's lunch ready and all the sudden I looked over and Olle was ASLEEP. WHAT?!?! Guess our morning was super tiring?
 My friend LeAnne has sheep at her house and one just had a lamb. We went over the other day and Lucy and Olle had so much fun! Olle loved hearing the BAAAAA of the mama sheep while her little lamb was in our arms.
 Lucy got an Elsa/Anna sleeping bag for Christmas and we whipped it out after our blizzard for a little indoor fun. We can't wait to go camping this summer IN A TENT!
 Olle is the BEST little baker. He loves to help and is pretty darn cute.
The big melt last week brought LOTS of mud along with it. Lucy took a fall and ended up with more mud than I knew what to do with. She was trying so hard to be tough, but she was having a really hard time keeping it together. HA
and lastly, my very favorite picture. The family hanging out in our favorite sunny spot. gosh, I love these three.

thankful for these sweet times.