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WOOT WOOOOOT!!! Can't believe we're headed to Boston in just a couple weeks. I am ready and hoping I don't get injured by then. ;)

I have been so lucky to run with some great friends this training session. Not everyone has someone that will meet at 5am ANY day of the week to go for a run. I'm beyond grateful that I met Kate, and that she introduced me to her runner friends. I look forward to every run, every cup of coffee, and every morning I get to run with these friends. This weekend we decided to tackle a 1/2 marathon and we all got PR's! It was an awful course with over 1,000 ft of elevation, cold and 13 mph winds, but we left feeling stronger and faster and with a greater sense of what we needed to do to be our best. Gonna miss these girls big time. Who am I going to run with in Hudson at 5am, with our headlamps, solving all of lifes problems???????

I was the lead woman for about 10 cumulative miles of the race, but the girl that won ended up beating me by over a minute. I'm plagued by 2nd place!! One of these days, I will get first!

 I was SO cold and shivering... can you tell?? We stopped for a mimosa and to warm up after the race :)

One for the books!

I got my Boston packet in the mail the other day and all became REAL! GAHHHHHHH!!!!!! I AM PUMPED!!!!! Cannot wait!!

it. is. happening.