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As our time in Menomonie is coming to a close I feel keenly aware of all that has happened here. The millions of memories made in our home, filled to the brim with those we love, food and wine, kids cries and messes, laughter and first steps.... But I think the people that have filled this space will be what I remember most about this house.
Visitors that came after our babies were born, family that have slept over, and have shared coffee and sweet breakfasts in the morning, our little family of four sitting around the table talking about our day after Lucy has prayed "thank you for this dinner and for everything. amen". BUNCO group, and small group ladies, and FRIENDS. Over lots of glasses of wine we've shed lots of tears together around our table. THE table that we bought for this purpose. Last night was one of those good nights. I am abundantly grateful for these friends who have spoken truth into my life, and who in turn, have asked for truth back. I had to stop Heather, mid-story yesterday to take a picture of our FULL table. It was loud and the kids were running around, but it felt so peaceful. Almost as if for that moment God had filled our cups full of joy, and they were overflowing.

I know true friendships are a rarity, and I've been blessed with many. As we prepare to leave this place we've called home for almost 4 years, I'm confident that God brought all these people into our home and into our lives to change us and prepare us for our next chapter.
XO, erica.