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Lucy + Olle

Haven't done an update on the kids in a while, and since this is my main form of documentation-- I feel as though I am slacking!!

Olle is 20 months! WHAT??
He is saying more words, some of which are:
dump truck (gunk cruck)
boy power (bo' pow')
all of our family members (If you know who they are.. haha)
NO! (mmmmmmmno!)
 ... so basically all the important things. I have to keep reminding myself that boys and girls are so different, bc Lucy was speaking in full sentences at this age. I love his little voice, though and know soon enough he'll be asking questions and saying funny phrases.

He's very into:
Throwing balls
being outside
eating raisins
DANCING like a stud
taking good naps every day :)

We feel like the fun factor went up about 1,000% adding this guy into our lives. Can't imagine life without the joy he brings to our family and his can-do attitude.

Lucy is 3 1/2. We often call her a three-nager. She is the type of girl you always want to be around and she makes life so much more interesting for all of us.

Yesterday morning she came running out of her room, and I was still in my running clothes. She was still groggy from just waking up and one of the first sentences out of her mouth was, "How was your run, mom?" "were you warm enough?" What a sweet little thing! I wish I could video record her all day so that I could get proof of all the funny things she says and does with her INSANE imagination.

She is into:
Doc McStuffins
string cheese
reading for hours
listening to books on CD in the car

This girl keeps us on our toes, but is so full of life. She's magnetic, and fun to be around- can't wait to see the way God shapes her to be the person he has created her to be.
 I'm the luckiest.

XO erica.