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wisconsin adventures

We thought an early spring was in the cards for us this year, but boy were we wrong.... It has been super chilly the last couple weeks. This weekend was boasting 50's, but I don't think it really got that warm... we decided to make the best of it, and bundle up for some adventures none-the-less.

I love Fridays... Have I said that before?? It's such a lazy day for us, and nothing makes me happier than when we get to have Sten home for a whole day! We made green pancakes that morning (#stpatricksday) and then after naps took off for Hoffman Hills where we adventured our little hearts out. I am a firm believer in leaving while you're still having fun (so that you can look back with fond memories), so we left before any meltdowns and headed to Lucette for an early dinner.

 hiking sticks: a must.
 left, right, left, right.... It's so nice that we could go out without the hiking backpacks.. those things are so heavy, although a little piece of me felt like crying at the same time, why are my babies so big?!!?!?!?!?!?!
 little friends
We will miss Lucette so much. Some of our best family memories are upstairs in that place. We always pack the kids little toys and they do SO good.

The next day we got invited to the Patnode farm for some maple syrup making! It was awesome! So cool to see the process and taste the SUPER fresh, just boiled syrup... and hanging out with friends was a bonus :)
 sticky and delicious!
 traipsing through the forest to look at the sap lines.
 same outfit as the day before... #oops.

After living in 'sconi almost 4 years, we are embracing this long winter and enjoying all that the state has to offer... spring is coming! We cannot wait!!

XO, erica.