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Boston Tourists.

Before we left Sten asked me "What are you more excited for; running the marathon? or hanging out in Boston afterwords with me?" I sheepishly answered running the marathon. But in fact, the best part of the trip was our time away together. We really haven't been without the kids together much at all, and our time in Boston felt incredibly special during this hectic time in our life. It felt like we were just 2 people again, traipsing around the city, exploring new places, no agenda, no naps to get home for, no packing diapers, and wipes, and a million snacks and toys and blankies.... We spent from 8am on Tuesday morning, until 10pm that night out and about going into shops, touring the city, and getting lost.

Monday after the marathon, upon recommendation, we went to Regina's Pizzeria for dinner in Little Italy. It was a quaint little spot, and super delicious! Our eyes were bigger than our stomachs and we ordered the large, only to realize a little while later that …


Well, it's over, 4 months of hard training. Countless 4:40am wake-ups, many miles on the treadmill for speed work and to get off the icy streets, early bed times, saying no to other things, an often crabby mom/wife/friend.... hours and hours of reflective time on my own, many podcasts listened to, lots of early morning chats with my running pals, feeling myself getting stronger/faster, and crossing that finish line in Boston with a smile on my face!

I went into the race not totally knowing what to expect, I knew about the downhill at the beginning and heartbreak hill at mile 20, I knew about the crowds and how inspiring the other racers would be. But I guess you could say I still went into it blindly. I had pictured in my head this euphoric running experience, and I wouldn't say it was that for me. It was certainly inspiring and something everyone should be a part of at some time in their lives (if you're into this type of thing), but I think I went into it thinking I woul…


I took these pictures when I traveled abroad in Florence, Italy, so beautiful.

 This little restaurant was down below the flat where we lived. We had so much fun getting to know the brothers who owned it, and getting free pizza :)
I was talking to a friend yesterday who is preparing for a trip to Sweden at the end of May. It ignited the travel bug in me and I haven't been able to stop thinking about Italy since. I woke up this morning dreaming about walking the streets of Italy with Sten, and seeing places I had never seen before, eating all the food and taking in the sights and sounds of the culture.

I thank my parents, namely my mom for pushing me to see more of the world. I hope Sten and I can give that same opportunity to our kids, to push them outside their comfort zones, and to crave new surroundings and an expanded worldview.

Someday we'll travel to far away places again, but right now, I have to live through others experiences and open up my photo albums and re-live th…

a budding friendship...maybe?

I may have already shared the top picture, but even so, it's worth sharing again.... love catching these two loving each other because it is so rare. It's hard not to internalize those feelings and wonder what I've done wrong in my parenting to make these two such enemies. Why does Lucy steal toys, and push him down? Why does she yell at him and tease? And in turn, why is Olle constantly telling her 'no' and pushing her? AND I know this is just the beginning.
sooooo, when I catch them holding hands, or laughing with each other, or sharing with each other, it makes me so teary. I wish I could whisper in their little ears and tell them: this is your best friend for life, one of God's greatest gifts to us. Instead, I just pull out my camera and snap a picture, so that when they are fighting and crying I can look back and remember that deep down I think they like each other.
<3 edc.


One of my favorite traditions since moving to Menomonie is Friday night burger night, with meat from Cut Rite. It's one of those things in the summer I look forward to all week. I don't know if it's this nostalgic little meat shoppe I love so much, or that I'm a sucker for traditions, but I love walking in there week after week, and ordering 1/2 lb of ground chuck and 4 strips of bacon. :)

We've been perfecting our burgers for a couple years now, and this last week, was pretty tasty. Bacon, blue cheese, grilled onions, bbq sauce and english sauce on a toasted bun. MMM, take me back to Friday night, sitting on the deck, with a margarita and our cut rite burgers. One tradition I will miss dearly.

<3. edc.


On our way home from Bluefin Bay, we left at nap time and the kids snoozed until we got to Duluth. We thought it would be a good place to stop and eat a picnic lunch on the rocks, but when we were about 3 miles away, we made the executive decision to stop instead at Canal Park Brewery and THEN throw rocks before getting back in the car... and I'm so glad we did! It was the perfect end to our Up North vacation, and made the car ride home go by fast.
 I think this was when Lucy was testing the water to see how cold it was.  <3  giving shoulder rides to Olle and Bunny :)
Thank you, Duluth! You were good to us! XO, edc.


Can we freeze time, right here?! Sten and I both agreed that our time away was the highlight of our year so far. It was a balmy 50 degrees and I think we packed more into 3 days than we ever dreamed.

We hiked:

 This guy really took the cake. He must be an adventurer at heart. He didn't want to be held, and he walked up those trails without a thread of fear.  Lucy on the other hand.... wanted to be held the majority of the time, that's okay. I know these years are fleeting, and I am thankful for a little girl who will wear matching "patagonias" with me.
We also did A LOT of rock throwing: We couldn't get over how much Olle enjoyed this. He just kept going and going, never wanting to leave even those his little fingers were red from the cold rocks. Lucy was just as happy searching for pretty rocks, and personifying them along the way.  Lucy and I worked on a tower, while Sten and Olle threw rocks.

We played and enjoyed being together: