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a budding friendship...maybe?

I may have already shared the top picture, but even so, it's worth sharing again.... love catching these two loving each other because it is so rare. It's hard not to internalize those feelings and wonder what I've done wrong in my parenting to make these two such enemies. Why does Lucy steal toys, and push him down? Why does she yell at him and tease? And in turn, why is Olle constantly telling her 'no' and pushing her? AND I know this is just the beginning.
sooooo, when I catch them holding hands, or laughing with each other, or sharing with each other, it makes me so teary. I wish I could whisper in their little ears and tell them: this is your best friend for life, one of God's greatest gifts to us. Instead, I just pull out my camera and snap a picture, so that when they are fighting and crying I can look back and remember that deep down I think they like each other.
<3 edc.


  1. Omg. So glad to read this. I wonder that about my kiddos too! Glad to know I'm not the only one. Savoring those sweet moments with you! Your kids are little darlings. <3

  2. It is seriously just luck, I can promise you that - so no wondering or guilt. My parents were amazing but my brother and I never got along. Mark and I are just hanging in there and our kids do get along. I read once that it has to do with the firstborn's personality in terms of sort of territorial and stuff, and I think that's really true. Matthew is really not territorial and Claire actually REALLY is. I am positive that if she were our older child, my kids would not get along at ALL!


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