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Can we freeze time, right here?! Sten and I both agreed that our time away was the highlight of our year so far. It was a balmy 50 degrees and I think we packed more into 3 days than we ever dreamed.

We hiked:

 This guy really took the cake. He must be an adventurer at heart. He didn't want to be held, and he walked up those trails without a thread of fear.
 Lucy on the other hand.... wanted to be held the majority of the time, that's okay. I know these years are fleeting, and I am thankful for a little girl who will wear matching "patagonias" with me.


We also did A LOT of rock throwing:
We couldn't get over how much Olle enjoyed this. He just kept going and going, never wanting to leave even those his little fingers were red from the cold rocks. Lucy was just as happy searching for pretty rocks, and personifying them along the way.
 Lucy and I worked on a tower, while Sten and Olle threw rocks.

We played and enjoyed being together:

 beach s'mores with "smarshmellows"

 cutie x1,000.

Olle, say "cheeeeeeese"!
We spent SO much time in the outdoor pool, the kids thought it was the coolest thing ever :)
 AND, we biked!
 kids slept the majority of the 15 miles!

One for the books! We had the best time ever!
<3 edc.