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Boston Tourists.

Before we left Sten asked me "What are you more excited for; running the marathon? or hanging out in Boston afterwords with me?" I sheepishly answered running the marathon. But in fact, the best part of the trip was our time away together. We really haven't been without the kids together much at all, and our time in Boston felt incredibly special during this hectic time in our life. It felt like we were just 2 people again, traipsing around the city, exploring new places, no agenda, no naps to get home for, no packing diapers, and wipes, and a million snacks and toys and blankies.... We spent from 8am on Tuesday morning, until 10pm that night out and about going into shops, touring the city, and getting lost.

Monday after the marathon, upon recommendation, we went to Regina's Pizzeria for dinner in Little Italy. It was a quaint little spot, and super delicious! Our eyes were bigger than our stomachs and we ordered the large, only to realize a little while later that the family of FOUR sitting next to us ordered the small.. haha!
 I was tired from the marathon and my stomach was so off, as I hadn't eaten anything besides GU since 10am, this pizza tasted DIVINE!

Tuesday morning we went for coffee at Starbucks before going out on the Freedom Trail tour. The weather was AWFUL! sunny and 78 on Monday, cloudy and 40 on Tuesday. I was FREEZING, but the tour was really neat and I learned a lot. 
After the tour we got a lobster roll (felt like a Boston thing to do) then warmed up with a cup of tea at Giradelli's downtown. Once warm, we decided to go find Paul Revere's house:

The sun was beating against this brick building and we could have sat here forever... but, we had more exploring to do!
From there we went to the Samuel Adams Brewery Tour, and learned the ins and outs of this major craft brewery. It was super fun, and worth the trip out there!

From there we headed back to Harvard Square and walked around until we found somewhere to eat. We picked the Grafton Pub, and it was just our scene, the food was delicious and we laughed and talked and it was just the best! After dinner, we decided to go for a glass of wine at this place called Toscana that we had been driving past all weekend. The bartender was the BEST! He was so kind to us, and comp'd our entire bill of wine and dessert. It made us fall more and more in love with this city.  THENNNNN, we thought we'd just hop on the bus home, but we went the wrong direction! HA, we both look back on it super fondly and we were pretty much laughing about it the whole time. absolutely hilarious based on the fact that we had basically considered ourselves genius's when it came to public transportation :)
 This was the scene as we left dinner and walked to Toscana... SO beautiful!
 On Wednesday before leaving we walked to SOFRA, on the recommendation of Sten's cousin. IT WAS THE BEST DECISION WE MADE. This was the Turkish breakfast, and easily one of the best things I've ever eaten.  We also got to pastries... because, Boston.

Then it was time to go.... SO SAD! We are so thankful for our amazing hosts, Mark and Lisa and their adorable kids. And also, for our parents who helped us out BIG time! I am very aware that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I am SO glad we were able to go.

Three more pictures:
 Here we are at this amazing brunch on Easter! I had so much fun with Lisa and the kids! We chatted, and had lots of laughs, and these 2 kiddies are ADORABLE!

and lastly, my mom took the kids to Savers to pick out a toy one day, and what a surprise that Lucy found a life size Elsa doll, THAT SINGS! haha! Thanks, mom.....



  1. So fun to read about your life as a mom and a jogger and hear what you are up to!! Happy Day to you and yours!!! So fun to hear about your adventure with Sten after your big marathon day!! Amazing... just amazing!! Loves ya!

  2. Just seeing this now! LOVE! We had such a blast hosting you guys! Come again any time!


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