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One last batch

We packed up all our kitchen stuff yesterday, so my little helpers and I made one last batch of banana muffins before our baking tins, ingredients, spoons and bowls went into a million different boxes.

I'm not entirely sure the kids understand what is happening... both of them love home, and although I know they will be just fine, I have been praying for peace for them in this transition. My to-do list today is SUPER long, so my goal is to be productive, and present.

Millions of little memories made in this kitchen-- I can't even think about it without tearing up.
On to new counter tops to sit on, new recipes to try, and maybe a bit of discomfort as the change process unfolds.

*smiles and laughter caused by Sten pretending to be Donald Duck... he's really good at it.

<3, erica.


It felt so good to all be together on Sunday for our first official meeting. I loved seeing our group meet each other/all be in the same space. Luckily we have some super awesome people who have offered their homes for us to meet at, and something felt cozy about sitting in a circle looking across at the faces of MIDCURRENT!
We planned and prayed, and got updated on all the happenings. 

Can't wait for what's to come!
XO, erica

Getting BIG!

Yesterday Lucy said to me, as she counted things off on her little fingers, "Mom, I can:
1. not wear a diaper at night
2. take off my jammies
3. put on my dress
4. buckle my top buckle"

She looked as if she was going to BURST with pride for herself and I wanted to curl up and cry- where did my baby go?!?!?!

 bahaha-- this face is so hilarious to me :)
This morning we went to Caribou/Einsteins for bagels and she wrote her name ALL BY HERSELF and drew a picture of a person for the FIRST TIME. These are huge milestones for me, because I love creativity, and letters and names and to see her concentration was seriously astounding to me.

 SO proud  "Sister Bear" She doesn't quite understand that you don't have to keep going around and around for a circle.... we're working on it!
My girl sure is quirky, but boy is she sweet, and smart. I cannot wait to see her little mind bloom!

XO. erica.

Get it DUNN run.

There are so many things in this transition period that remind me how fast time goes. The Get it Dunn run is yet another reminder to 'live in the moment and soak it all in'.
I have loved being a part of this race over the last 4 years. It is something I totally look forward to each spring.  Being a pacer checks two boxes for me: #1. I am super cheap, so the fact that I don't have to pay for the race and still get to run is awesome! and #2. I love that I get to help other people reach their goals through exercise! I hope they'll still ask me to be a pacer next year, it is such a fun tradition for me!

2014:  Just one little baby Lucy. I remember doing most of my training runs with her, since a single jogger seemed like a breeze! 2015: I was 7 months pregnant. I wasn't sure I'd be able to pace the whole race, but I did! My favorite comment that year was people saying: "I at least have to beat the pregnant lady" :) I'd like to think I gave people extr…

Lucy + Dad

I am in love with some of the pictures I snapped on Sunday. We found this shady spot out of the bright sun and I love how these colors just POP. Lucy and Sten have this special relationship that I love watching unfold. She's always been such a mama's girl, so it's extra special to see her prefer dad. My favorite thing lately is when she asks him after breakfast: "Is there a lap open?"  She also often references how strong he is, or how "Dad will fix it, mom."
 Kisses for dad.
You're one lucky girl, Lucy!
XO, erica


When Jessica's daycare provider couldn't watch the kids for a week, I couldn't wait for them to be at my house for 24 hours.
We packed our day full of adventures. The best part for me was coming home from my run at 5:50am and hearing Amos and Olle giggling in Olle's room. Shortly followed by Lucy and Olive waking up with the exact same reaction: INSTANT playmates.
 drinking my coffee in peace while 4 cousins play  These 2! I cannot get enough
 Whole crew loaded up to go to the library!  girl power! nail salon Irvine Park Zoo
 This tiger was so fun to watch, he was playing around and jumping and throwing that ball around!  They were pretty mesmerized!  big kids. I promised (bribed) ice cream for kids with good behavior. Happy to report everyone received some!
THIS is why I stay home, so I can do stuff like this on random Thursdays in May. I loved growing up and making memories with my cousins, and I hope these 4 will have the best memories of time spent together. Its s…


Let's talk about how fantastic Mother's Day was. Reason #1:
- after getting back from my run Sten made me THIS breakfast... It's a twice baked sweet potato with an egg cooked inside like a little nest with BACON and the best little fruit salad
 - Sten and Olle mowed the lawn while Lucy and I did whatever we wanted
- We spent the morning at the park where the kids got sweaty and worn out  #4.  - I got to spend ALL day feeling SO loved and special by these 2 cuties.

The rest of the day is undocumented by pictures, but over naptime we took the kids for a 15 mile bike ride, then came home for happy hour on the deck, then burgers for dinner. I really just felt so loved and very very thankful ALL day.
I had a hard time falling asleep last night and then I heard Olle at 11p, I never really go to get him out of his crib, since usually we let them 'cry it out', but I went in there last night and snuggled that little guy until he fell asleep. It felt like the absol…

OLLE BOY age 22 months.

This boy of ours has got to be our favorite little thing right now. He is 100% dude and I absolutely adore his personality that is beginning to shine through.
 Here he is giving "BOY POW" (boy power fist pump) to Sten. I caught this at JUST the right moment and I think it will be one of my favorites forever! So much expression on one little face.  He loves to laugh, he loves to be outside (just like mama)... me and him, two peas in a pod  obsessed with bubbles. I can barely watch him, it just grosses me out so much :)  And then there's post nap Olle. The orneriest little human on earth.  But could he be any cuter?!?!?  He hates having his picture taken, so here he is saying NOOOOOOOOO  eatin' snacks on the deck. These waves of his adorable-ness just come over me and I cannot handle myself. I take pictures of him all the time, doing the most mundane things.  Finally into reading books- they must, however contain either: balls, papa bear (bearenstain bears), or tract…

HUDSON, chapter 1

A few weekends back Sten signed his covenant agreement, meaning we are officially church planters! It felt like chapter 1 in our new story, and we are excited to see the way God moves as we move to Hudson and start MIDCURRENT CHURCH there.

WHOOP WHOOP! Let the adventure begin!
XO, erica